Economic situation.



          Taiwan is a country with a state economy some continued strength in one. The foreign exchange reserves more than 275,000 million dollars Inc. USA. Placed in one of five top of the world. Rate of economic growth in years equal percentage 4.3 manufacturing sector that has been driving the economy that is important industries. Directors products Electric calls Nick's petrochemical, iron and steel, machinery and foreign investment.  


         Circulation of the manufacturing industry in Taiwan is up to 10,990 billion dollars Inc. Taiwan increased over 2548 percent 7.89 The share is sold in 5,600 billion dollars Inc., Taiwan. Increased percent 4:12 sent abroad 5,390 billion dollars Inc., Taiwan. Increased percentage 12.11.


         The total value of industrial IC all in 2549 equivalent to 1.33 trillion dollars Inc., Taiwan. Value industrial IC design in Taiwan in 2549 is equal to 323,400 million dollars Inc., Taiwan. Growth increased 13.5% from the year 2548, which is important from a manufacturing flat panel large. The producer of color monitors your mobile phone and IC used in the drive panel LCD with volume increasing. (Estimated percentage 80 of the PC Notebook and equipment related to sales around the world now. The goods produced and exported by Taiwan) for the year 2550, Taiwan aims to expand production up to 1.55 trillion dollars Inc., Taiwan. Targeted economic development through the year 2015 or Year 2558, Taiwan plans to develop industries in this group include.  


              - Electro Scientific Industries Nick's broadband. Or telecommunications, and share high-speed data such as network Internet. (Especially wireless WiMax and 4G).  

              - Business related to promoting quality of life. Being a Digital as the use of tech information technology with everyday life for comfort. And security. Energy savings (by lighting LED will replace incandescent lamp usually general and Taiwan in the future) to control the home / residential automatic or computer systems and technology, technology to entertainment, multimedia, etc..

             - Business on promoting health care such as health care for the elderly with Techno technology advanced. Production machinery tools and equipment and medical devices with Microsoft Small.

            - For industry on environmental conservation is. Government will promote development of solar energy, wind energy, green and Recycle research development tech technology new to support the Industry that is growing up together. The current Taiwan progress in industry is much already.  


          Expects the industry group Electric calls Nick's will be worth more than 6.4 trillion dollars Inc., Taiwan, in another 8 years the Ministry of Economic of Taiwan. Targets subsidies, industry promotion, Taiwan on 6 things together is to promote quality products to be recognized more. Promoting innovation and new production. Promoting creative product design. Promoting ownership brand their own. Marketing support and competitive. And stimulate business growth and productivity increases.  


          In a competitive major industrial Electric calls Nick's is the Chinese mainland. The advantage in labor costs. And scale (Production Scale) as well as flexibility to adjust manufacturing techniques. (Because China is ready to produce goods from lower-or Low End levels on High End) in the 2 - 3 years ago found that carriers of one of Taiwan to shift production to China arms. large number of not less (about 50,000 of both moving parts or certain divisions. And moving all have) makes volume production in Taiwan fall into and affect the amount of labor. Especially workers in Thailand and the Philippines. Working in the industry group most. (See the table of workers in foreign operations).  


          However, wages in mainland China today began moving growing rapidly. This may cause investors, Taiwan must seek opportunistic investments and operations to other countries, the year 2549 at last found. Are moving capital into Vietnam more than 8,000 million dollars Inc. United States, or about 280,000 million baht, although mainland China will start its policy to slow economic growth, the year 2549 grew up percent 10. but also flow to move capital and operations. And to mainland China many.


         For Taiwan, the government's policy and plan industrial Electric calls Nick's clear. System and is the direction. Also, the private sector has to adapt research and product development. Development Tech technology production line with the current world market, as discussed above. It may be important factors that Taiwan can continue to be in the leading manufacturing and exporting Electric call system. And will play an important role in absorbing labor Thai next time.